Fully Labeled Map of Angry Birds Epic’s Piggy Island! Truly the most EPIC of Maps!

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Simply click or tap the image above to view the full size map!The wait is over! The most epic map of Angry Birds Epic’s Piggy Island is now just available for reference and personal use. The resolution of this map is … well … HUGE! For this reason we’ve only embedded the thumbnail above. To view the larger map just click here or on the image (feel free to share this, but please don’t link to the image directly, rather link to this post).Note, if you download this map be sure to check back often as it will be continually updated. We’re also working on several different iterations and an interactive version; however, we wanted to go ahead and make this one available now.This awesome map is just a small part of our Angry Birds Epic coverage...

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Tropical Island LWP

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Tropical Island LWP
Tropical Island LWP
Tropical Island LWP

Tags: wallpaper, android, entertainment, free, download, animations, skin, themes, backgrounds, animals, funny

Submitted: 2014-04-23 01:04:17

Download Tropical Island LWP

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Remember Despicable Me

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Remember Despicable Me For Android Are you ready to play with quotMemoryquot ?
A great game to exercise your memory with minion pose

Tags: despicable me games, despicable me app, despicable me apk free download, apk, game, games, free, download, brain, despicable

Submitted: 2014-04-23 01:04:17

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Samsung users spend little time with company’s own apps

Samsung is known for loading its phones up with custom apps like S Health, S Note, S Voice, ChatON and more. But do Galaxy owners actually use these apps? That’s what research firm Strategy Analytics set out to determine.

Based on data from more than 250 Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4 owners that was gathered in March 2014, Strategy Analytics reports that users don’t spend much time with Samsung’s custom apps. Galaxy S III owners spent around 6.2 minutes in ChatON, Group Play, S Memo, S Voice, Samsung Apps, Samsung Hub and Samsung Link during the month of March, while Galaxy S 4 owners used the same apps for approximately 9.3 minutes.

The report also measured how much time Galaxy S III and S 4 users spent in accessing Google Play, Google Search and YouTube...

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Latest LG trademark suggests the G Watch won’t be their only smartwatch

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LG’s first smartwatch will be the Android Wear-donning LG G Watch, but that might not be the only one by the South Koean on tap for an eventual release. A new trademark over at the USPTO tells of an “LG W Watch,” listed under the typical categories of fitness apparatuses and devices that communicate with your smartphone.

The trademark doesn’t deliver any other information, though that’s hardly a surprise with these things. With that, we’re left up to our own imagination to figure out what, exactly, is coming.

The focus on fitness would suggest the device might not be quite as big as the G Watch, and instead will be a Gear Fit-like option for those needing a good workout companion...

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Glitch Temporarily Kills 50GB Google Drive Offer On AT&T’s HTC One M8, Should Return In Mid-May

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One of the selling points of HTC’s Advantage program is free Google Drive space. Of course, that’s not as interesting as the free screen repair or update guarantee, but it’s still part of the package. HTC has just posted a message on its Advantage website that alerts customers to a problem with the Google Drive deal. An error of some sort is preventing M8 owners on AT&T from redeeming that 50GB offer.

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Amazon and HBO cozy up for multi-year streaming deal

HBO has been known to be rather protective of its shows, but with a new deal today, we could see a change in progress. HBO and Amazon have signed a multi-year deal to allow streaming of certain HBO shows through Amazon Prime. Meaning that rather than requiring the user to have a separate HBO GO account, the user can simply have an Amazon Prime account and through that will have access to some of the content exclusive to HBO GO.

Not all content is initially included but some of the big names available right off the bat are The Sopranos, Band of Brothers, The Wire, and early seasons of True Blood. Sadly, Game of Thrones is not on that list. In the future, however, more shows will be added and there’s nothing saying that Game of Thrones won’t be added later on...

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HTC One M8 owners on AT&T can’t redeem 50GB of free Google Drive storage until May

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As part of HTC Advantage, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s ‘benefits package’ offered to customers who have recently purchased one of their new handsets, HTC was offering 50GB of free Google Drive storage. A generous amount of cloud storage for sure, but one that currently excludes AT&T customers. Why? Well, we can’t be exactly sure what the problem is. HTC is calling it a “minor technical error,” and hopes to have the promotion up and running by mid-May.

Dear HTC Customers and Enthusiasts,

A minor technical error has temporarily deactivated the Google Drive cloud storage offer for the AT&T HTC One (M8). Please be aware that we are working to fix this error, and the 50GB of Google Drive storage space will be available by Mid-May for this device.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you a...

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